Austin Enoch is a script writer

Austin Enoch is a script writer and goes by the handle Dramalord


Recovering Goodness

Bro Joseph kept having strange dream, especially after a major attempt. He stays with his uncle

Scene 1

(He sat on a chair and a strange man came to cut his hair with a blade.)

Joseph: what do you want again?

Strange man: the usual

Joseph: no! (The man cuts his hair)

(Wakes up and find a portion of his hair on the bed)

Scene 2

Joseph goes to see his pastor

Pastor: God bless you bro Joseph

Joseph: pastor please the leave the blessing and pray for me first.

Pastor: what is happening?

Joseph: serious things pastor! Anytime any good thing wants to come my way someone comes and cuts a

portion of my hair in the dream and I lost it. Pastor, I’m really scared now. I’m about having a major

breakthrough and that dream repeated itself yesterday, please pray for me sir.

Pastor: have you eaten this morning?

Joseph: no sir

Pastor: okay, take a fast today and call me before you sleep tonight. Lets pray (pastor prays for him)..

Scene 3

Joseph calls pastor before sleeping

Joseph: pastor good evening sir, I did the fast today and I want to sleep now sir.

Pastor: okay let’s pray; heavenly father we come against the hidden and open plans of darkness against

your son here, we break their bands and take away their strength. We decree that their ways be darkened

and let light shine for your son to see in Jesus Name Amen.

Joseph: Amen

Scene 4

The dream again!

Joseph: what again?

Strange man: the usual

Joseph: there is no usual tonight, I decree in the name of Jesus that your bands be broken and your

strength is taken (strange man shocked). Give me that blade (he gave him the blade and Joseph use it to

scrape the man’s head bald) in the name of Jesus I recover all!

Scene 5

Joseph wakes up, prayed and dress up for the interview. Then he remembers that he have not seen his

uncle that morning. He went to his uncle’s room, opens the door and was shocked to see his uncle’s head

bald and the hairs on the bed..

The end

Her Ovulation

Scene One

A couple at the doctor’s office

Doctor: both of you are certified medically okay; I just don’t know why she is not getting pregnant. Are

you sure that you both had sex on her ovulation day?

Husband: doctor, that’s the problem! We do have misunderstanding on her ovulation days, she would just

wake up with an off point discussion and we would quarrel. And when I tried to stop myself from getting

angry she would say I’m silent and the only thing that can talk was my manhood. Doctor, she will

definitely say something that would piss me off.

Doctor: Then this definitely is a spiritual problem. Madam, what dreams do you have often?

Wife: doctor, I have a man in my life, he’s so real than my husband….

Scene 2

The narration is played in a different scene; their bedroom. Here the couple is seen sleeping together on

the bed and a strange man comes from the wall, he looks cute. He smiled at her, walk to the bed and has

sex with her while her husband is snoring.

Strange man: baby you are sweet, I can’t wait to take you to my family and have children through you.

Have this my love (he gave her a wrapped weed, light it and told her to smoke).

Wife wakes up coughing

Husband: honey what is it again?

Wife: you cannot even say sorry, you are just behaving like a donkey

Husband: I don’t have your time this morning (takes his pillow and leaves the room)

Scene 3

Back to the doctor’s office (the husband looks shocked)

Doctor: have you tell your pastor about this?

Wife: no doctor

Doctor: Okay, I’m a Christian, let us pray (they joined hands together). Oh Lord we look to you for help,

your word said that affliction will not rise again the second time. We ask oh Lord that you send your light

and deliver your daughter ( woman shouted and doctor rise and continued praying, strange man appeared

and the rope joining his right hand to her left hand was broken).

Scene 4

One year later the couple is seen with a baby.

The end!