Judith Chigbo


I love making people laugh

i love young people. my life goal is to help them harness their prime time life and give them recipes that can help free them up from the stereotypical negative habits of young people today, so they can live a more effective life.




It’s being 10 solid years and seldom do I see the sun. The air was tender and the hatred I felt in my heart was unbearable. The mistake I made landed me in my predicament.

My name is Femi and this is my story, the story that has been my constant reminder that I was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment with hard labour. I was born into a family of four, my dad, my mom, my elder sister and me. Right from time, I was a promising child and this made my parent proud of me. I finished primary and secondary school as a very intelligent and obedient child. After my Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE), I was working in order to raise money to take care of my family and also myself in the higher institution.

One faithful day, I met Kenny, a very fair and beautiful girl. Immediately I saw, I knew she was the one for me. I loved Kenny dearly and I knew she did the same. After being friends for two months I asked her out and she agreed to date me. My joy knew no bounds. We dated for about 2 blissful years then I gained admission into the university of Osun state to study medicine and surgery and also, Kenny got admission into the University Of Lagos State to study law. I was very sad and heart broken. How can I live without her? She was my world, my joy, my everything. Kenny too was sad but distance wasn’t a barrier to our undying love for each other.

I called her almost every minute just to hear her voice and tell her how much I loved her. And we chatted nonstop on social media. But deep in my heart I knew I had to stop thinking about her and face my studies because I was the only hope of survival for my parents in the village.

During my third year in the university, tragedy trucked. Kenny the love of my life was battling with kidney stone and my dad was down with stroke. I had to act fast.

Meanwhile, I had three friends whom I shared my room with by name: Segun, Fashola and Lekan. They told me they could help me if I was ready but I turned them down because I was surprised at how they got their money but I had no option but to run to them for serious help. When I narrated everything to them they told me they could help me if only I could join them. That was when I realized that I have been sharing my room with arm robbers. I made up my mind to join them, and the next night we robbed a supermarket and stole Two hundred thousand Naira (N 200,000) but still, the money wasn’t enough to treat Kenny and my dad. So one day, Segun told us that he knows a very rich man who lived in Oyo state, he said we were going to rob him and if necessary, kill him. I was happy that finally I could pay Kenny’s hospital bills and tell her I would do anything for her and I wasn’t going to lose her. I and my friends planned on how to rob Mr. Dele, a well-known multi-billionaire. On the d- day we left school and travelled to Oyo state in order to carry out the operation.

We arrived at Mr. Dele's residence at about 10 O’ clock in the night. We entered quietly and told everyone in his house to lie down including Mr. Dele which they did. After robbing him of 10 billion Naira, we eventually killed him and Segun the head of the gang told me to go to a nearby bush and dump his body which I did but unkown to me, my friends left me and escaped. They betrayed me and contacted the police themselves then left for Europe the next morning. I was arrested and was charged for murder.

After trail, I was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment with hard labour. Each day that passed reminded me of Kenny. After some weeks, I heard that Kenny was dead. The only reason am alive was gone. I was heartbroken and I was losing my mind. I remembered my dad who probably will also be dead and my friends who betrayed me and went to Italy with the 10 billion naira. I was filled with rage, anger and hatred, these feelings was now my closest companion. Night mares were something I expected each night. Will I ever move on without Kenny by my side? But the only thing that can keep me moving is HOPE.