Juliet Chigbo


I love myself, orphans and young people

My purpose is to make the world a better place for Orphans, help young people and couples., create a successful and happy relationship through my writing and story telling abilities.




I woke up this morning, with a slight pain on my shoulder. And I painfully remembered as I was severely flogged yesterday by a police man called Ajayi. I was bleeding seriously, and I felt as if death should find me and quickly take me.

Today was blissful I could perceive the cool breeze and the air of hope, hope that one day I could leave this cell and become a changed man. Oh Dele, Samuel, Richard, Rex and Stephanie my sweet heart, I still remember all my friends and how they betrayed me and left for Italy without me knowing. We were drug dealers we smuggled cocaine, Indian hemp, etc., in and out of the country. I met them when I was 22 years old and I was so poor and barely had what to eat. I was an orphan; I escaped from an orphanage home when I was 17 years old. And I survived on what people gave me and on what I stole. Life was hard and I wanted something easy, I became so frustrated and I nearly committed suicide, until I met Dele “the sharp shooter” as he was normally called by his wild friends. He was short, a little bit fair in complexion and he was always smiling. Whenever he smiles, he always exposes his broken teeth which were stained brown. He saw me resting under a mango tree and he greeted me. When I saw him, I knew he liked me and he asked me if I was sick; I said no. then he asked me to tell him what was bordering me, I explained everything to him. And he promised to help me become rich if only I could keep my mouth shut.

I was ready to do anything, just to escape the type of life I was living. I had no parents and I don’t know any of my relatives so I decided to join him and his gang to smuggle cocaine and other hard drugs in and out of the country. We worked for a rich man called Chris who was always frowning and he had many girlfriends. It was there I saw Stephanie who was secretly a member. I loved her and I wanted to date her. When I asked her out, she agreed to date me but little did I know that Chris hated me for snatching his girlfriend.

Dele warned me about Chris and how he hated me for snatching his girlfriend, but I insulted him and warned him never to disturb me again about Chris. Dele told other gang members to talk to me but I rained thunderous abuses on them and they let me be. I never knew that I was digging my own grave. Soon, Dele and the rest of them started avoiding me like a plague, including Stephanie. I really loved her and I hope she love me too. We were dating for almost two years until one day, when the last straw broke the camel back. I saw Stephanie kissing Chris. I became dark with rage and I confronted Chris, we fought and no one dare to separate us. I was so angry that I used a knife and stabbed Chris.

Dele really hated me for killing Chris and he planned secretly together with Samuel and the rest of the gangs to give me my own taste of the medicine. One day, dele told me to meet them at a warehouse in other to collect more cocaine that we could smuggle the next day. I went there but didn’t see Dele or any of my friends. I tried to call them but their phones where all switched off. Little did I know that I was framed up and my friends have left me for Italy. I saw some police men in the warehouse and they ordered me not to move. They searched the warehouse and found some bags of cocaine. They handcuffed me and I was arrested, I was charged with drug dealing, was found guilty, then sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.

I was an orphan and I had no one to defend me in court. I regretted leaving the orphanage home, at times, I remember my friends who betrayed me and always imagine how they are enjoying their selves in Italy.

Life was unfair to me, but I still had hope that one day I will gain my freedom and become a changed man.

Yes I will definitely change.