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Mary-Jane is a writer with over five years of experience. She has worked in kr8radio as a chief editor and is currently a contributor on, the largest media blog in Northern Nigeria. she has also written for indie Film director, one of the biggest film houses in Nigeria. She is also a certified member of the international copywriters association. She is well grounded in script writing, editing and copywriting too.


Short Story: A different help

A really short story written for that won 100 USD.

Baba’s been bedridden for months.  I never knew that a human could produce such foul smell.

The farming season is here, and mama is weary.

Alhaji Gambo already has twelve wives, but he is the richest suitor so far, and he has always had eyes for me.

Three weeks after the bride price has been paid, after I felt the shriveled slimy thing go inside me, I became another trophy.

One cold night, I felt warm hands fondle my breast skillfully, arousing my deepest need.

“Let’s help ourselves tonight, our turn is still far” it was Khadijat the fifth wife.