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Sam Petros


Samuel Akinwande Akindipe is a writer, a poet(performance and page) and a filmaker, he hails from the south western part of Nigeria. His works are published in both local and international magazines. Also, he has released so many spoken words poems. He is also an author with two published books and more to come


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Love For Death

Love For Death

For my love for death

I want to live.

For the passion i have

For the grim reaper

I want to strive,

To exist and not survive.

For my chemistry with death.

I want to exercise my endurance,

I want to face circumstances

And face no zero errors.

I want to fight the largest giant,

The fiercest warrior.

For the love of death.

I want to run in the jungle of life.

I want to dive through the oceans of pestilence,

I'd love to hike the hills of greatness.

Though the road of success is filled with granades,

Still for my love for death I will thread that path

Because of my love for death,

I don't want to face death like a looser

Or fidget before the grim reaper.

Death is a warrior,

And so am I.

So, I'd like to wrestle with death,

To die as a legend

For that is a legacy for me.

And through my demise

Death could also win a star

For taking the world's best.

I don't want to follow Azrael

On a free trip.

But, I would want him to carry me

Like a throphy he won,

Not just like a log.

For my love for death

I don't want to be weak

And make him take me cheaply.

But I will wrestle with him

Till my last breath he took,

For his glory to rise in mine

And the news be spread

Beyond the heavens and earth,

That he took a man called god

On a special voyage to neverland.

What an offer I give death

For my love for him.

©Sam Petros

Say No To Suicide


Dark Side

Dark Side

Days when frustration

Griped my neck

Strangling it with estacy

Radiating on it face

And tribulations

Never ceases to seize

Six part of my lives

Leaving with just one to take

With that one

I lost my dignity as an African boy

But thought like the hell boy's

Flashes through my mind

I could see the rope

Dangling in my darkness illuminated heart

And every river I pass by

Seems to sing me songs of welcome

Each time I cut a piece with a knife

I could see the knife winking,

Longing to take a stroll

Through my heart

Yes, I was built a castle

In the village of depression

And friends online never helped

But to put my life on line with hails of boss

I was at the cross road of death and life

But death seems to love me more than life

So I was tempted to fall for him

And follow him

I was up on my feet

My hands stretched out for death to take

Suddenly my pen cried

Ink poured down it face profusely

So I took a seat

And wrote a poem for death

I told him I was in love with him

I wrote him a letter and called it Ode to death

Then he left me

For I was one of the few who loved him

So how would he kill his lover

When haters speaks with megaphones in his ears

I went with life

And here I am

Writing my dark story

Away from my dark side

® Sam Petros





Why should I die?

When the death of life

Rests in my palm,

Like a child to cuddle.

And the death of life

Graces my every step-

Such a red carpet

I am me.

The goddess to all gods.

The creation which creates all that was,

All that is and to come.

I go nowhere,

But multiply to be more.

I am me.

The beginning of the beginning,

The end of never,

The father of now,

Anchor of ever.

Even existence realises not itself without me.

I live before earth wakes,

Even after her death still, I live.

Like impossible, I am possible.

Without me man is void,

Like a dummy for display.

I am the first instrument of creation.

I am word.

I am god.

©Sam Petros