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Welcome our new artist 'Edge Golbador' to the house

by Alewa House, published 2 years, 10 months ago

Alewa House have maintained a strong strategic footing in Tech & entertainment. We are passionate about copyright protection, and empowering and protecting artists and their work, while unlocking the intrinsic value of music.

Edge Golbador's influence on the course of modern music cannot be overstated. His work as a songwriter and musician has reverberated across genres. From groundbreaking guitarwork, to an uncanny hitmaking instinct, to shaping the sound of countless artists, he has created a phenomenal musical ground for himself. Edge has never stopped moving forward, so I am thrilled to welcome him into the Alewa family as he begins a dynamic new chapter of his extraordinary career.

Retnan Daser and Edge Golbador

For us as a company, the aim of this recording deal is to expand our Digital content creator and distribution platform ( and power the growth of the whole digital music market in Africa.

Going forward, with our resources, expertise and network of industry key players, we will further optimize value in recorded music distribution. Through our recent partnerships and other forms of deeper collaboration with entertainers, we will seamlessly integrate the premium capabilities of our co-partners with our vibrant and massive online music ecosystem, to discover unique musical talent and content, and bring unparalleled music experiences to fans as we showcase 'new generation' artists to the global music market.

Again, we are incredibly honored to represent such an amazingly talented artist such as Edge Golbador.

Welcome to the house Edge.

Signed: Retnan Daser (President Alewa House)


Press Release: MyCribMusic Project "For your case" by Beza & Alewa House

by Alewa House, published 1 year, 11 months ago

Alewa House has prepared a bundle of unfolding thrills for its loyal audience and fans. In the coming months, we are unveiling multiple projects and top-notch music accompanied by stellar music videos.

For Your Case” is a MyCribMusic project featuring Afro-fusion singer and producer Beza popularly known as Bezaking by his fans.

This is a song for the ladies and every lover out there.

Exclusively on officially from 7th June 2022.