Younglan - Elbow Room Lyrics

by Alewa House, published 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Everything you seem to love now

you might just end up hating

and everything you seem to hate now

you might just end up loving

so I am hating the president now

so that I might just love him later.

Work very hard they told us.

Work very hard so that you might earn a place among stars

and yes

we worked very hard

but look at us now,

we are monsters

but when these useless big for nothing leaders of ours die we cry

and they give us public holidays as if we mourn Stars

can't you see scars?

an ordinary councilor in Tudun Wada has more than 6 cars

and this fat pot-bellied senators and lecturers keep chasing our younger sisters,

It is driving me crazy so I might just get a gun soon

But if we all get guns, then we all might be gone soon,

The earth

has had enough of the poor man's blood these days

it regurgitates it even.

For it thirsts for the blood of these bloodthirsty politicians


if they offer us guns to raid the polls we will go,

but only if their pizza eating sons will lead the way

and if they send us money instead we will know

We will send them letters in black envelopes

and watch their sentences turn into pestilence then

with the strength of every youth who will vote in the kind of peace that annoys.

and if they decide to rig the elections

We will come again another day,

and Fight another day

Protest another day

Vote another day

Fight another day

Test another day

Vote another day

Until the revolution becomes you and me

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Announcement: Video Upload Now Open to Alewa House Content Creators

by Alewa House, published 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Before now, content creators could only submit video requests via cloud providers to Alewa House by mail unlike for stories and album/singles. This will change starting from today, Alewa House content creators will now be able to upload and sell videos. Content moderation is still not going away anytime soon. This is because the company has a strong intellectual property protection culture.

Secondly, the updates also comes with a better designed dashboard with detailed analytics for each of content creators' digital assets. Alongside is location insight, since it is very important to know where content creators' audiences come from.

analytics dashboard

You will also find a detailed breakdown of your earnings on all your digital assets

earning analytics on alewa house

Our sole aim at Alewa House is to give power to content creators and that is why it is deliberately designed from the onset to allow Content Creators to earn from followers. The first of its kind. Right! The more followers they have, the more money they make. Here is a brief illustration from Singer and Songwriter Edge Golbador:

earning with followers on alewa house

Spread the word to family, relatives and friends that have digital contents that would like to sell or monetize? Spread the opportunity for content creators to earn for life.