Younglan's Elbow Room Poem: Review by Lami Tanko

by Alewa House, published 9 months, 3 weeks ago

Elbow Room by Younglan is a 36-stanza kasen poem, which can be considered as a ‘Cry for liberation’ that was themed around the aspect of politics and Corruption. The poem started with a sad melodious melancholic tone which was followed by deep words that can be perceived as thought-provoking and can be regarded as an anthem of the modern generation Revolutionaries. 

What makes this poem fascinating is the writer's ability to motivate and give feeling of hope to the listeners amidst his frustration.The poem was spoken in an uneven tone which shuffled between anger, frustration, bitterness and positivity, It was so good that the writer's emotions could be felt in the tone of his voice.

Younglan began this poem by striking a balance between love and hate in the first stanza whilst saying "so I am hating the president now so I might just love him later"

The piece has a series of regular and irregular rhyme schemes (AA,BB,CC,AB,AC,BC ) through-out the stanzas also word plays "We're monsters and when these useless good for nothing leaders of ours die ,we cry and they give us public holidays as if we mourn stars" and figures of speech like:

-Repetition where he said "fight another day "twice, to lay emphasis on the process 

-Personification where the writer said "The Earth has had enough of the poor man’s blood these days it regurgitates it even "This shows the writers awareness of literal terms and his ability to use them without straying away from the intended message or motive 

- Alliteration was also employed to create a rhythm within the poem

The poem explores deeply the two side polarizing human nature, in this case the poets frustration is driven by his inability to make a difference alone yet being forced to tolerate what he's been getting from the politicians.

The second stanza brings to light the government's inability to recognize the people's effort “work very hard they told us, work very hard so you can earn a place among stars and yes! We worked very hard but look at us now we're monsters"

The speaker’s voice is invisible throughout the poem, where he acts as an imaginary speaker. Younglan does not share his life experiences throughout the poem, but rather uses an invisible voice by acting as an imaginary speaker. Despite the fact that he has used the first person sometimes in the poem" it is driving me crazy so I might just get a gun soon", his voice is invisible. This is a powerful approach, which helps in drawing the audience’s attention.

The lofty ideas in his 36-stanza kasen poem motivates me to keep fighting till the change I desire is made. Therefore it is highly recommended that everyone should listen to the poem and reap the benefits of the wisdom along the stanzas.

Listen or download Elbow Room for free.

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