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I live in a country


Sun 25 Oct 2020

I have so many questions with no one to ask.

I try to ask and am been silenced with a gun.

I was told to always carry a flag and I won't be killed, I wrapped myself in green white and green which is the flag and sang the national anthem but still yet I was butchered and massacred

Those same people that came to me bagging for power are now using the same power I gave them to kill me.

I live in a country that claims to be Democratic in papers and words of mouth but not in action.

I live in a country where the government deny us education in other to use us later as hoodlums to kill our fellow patriots for just *500* the have so devalued us, that our lives don't matter to them.

They sent their own wards abroad to study, while they live us to squabble over the remaining resources left that we end up killing one another.

I live in a country where it is a crime to say how you feel.

I live in a country where you need to know or have someone in an organization or office to be able to process things including hospitals, services providers and industry.

I live in a country where the rich keep getting richer and the poor poorer.

I live in a country where religion separates us.

where youths can't work together because this is a Christian and that is a Muslim.

I live in a country where one will pass a person in need because he or she is afraid of being killed or kidnapped because of the state of the country.

Everyone is afraid, everyone is trying and struggling to survive, everyone is looking for just a meal per day.

I love my country and just hope for the best.



Sat 24 Oct 2020

At midnight when all were obeying nature's call,
A fierce battle engulfed the capital city of my mind.

A war not of steels but of ideologies
The heat was so fierced.
i could hear feel each knock out blow being inflicted on my very soul.

I forced my eyes to sleep but my mind was fully awake, why must it be me?
I asked in frustration.

Am just like every other soul out there.
Why can't i have peace of mind?
Why can't i be just me?

Then whispers crept into my ears
"You have a mystical power in you which no force could wield and we'll deprive you of that very power!.

Am never yours!
Get your filthy hands off me..
Like an avalanche,
My thoughts were amassed rendering my head
blocked like a huge frozen cube of ice.




Sat 24 Oct 2020

At midnight when all were obeying nature's call,
A fierce battle engulfed the capital city of my mind.

A war not of steels but of ideologies
The heat was so fierced.
i could hear feel each knock out blow being inflicted on my very soul.

I forced my eyes to sleep but my mind was fully awake, why must it be me?
I asked in frustration.

Am just like every other soul out there.
Why can't i have peace of mind?
Why can't i be just me?

Then whispers crept into my ears
"You have a mystical power in you which no force could wield and we'll deprive you of that very power!.

Am never yours!
Get your filthy hands off me..
Like an avalanche,
My thoughts were amassed rendering my head
blocked like a huge frozen cube of ice.


CHASM by Emmanuel Ozavize Peace


Wed 21 Oct 2020


r: Peace Ozavize Emmanuel( P

They came in the dead of the night, long after chriping crickets and croaking toads had gone to sleep. Doóse had stumbled through the dark hut, which she shared with her sister, and out into the compound which was dimly illuminated by the crescent shaped moon. Her stomach continued to make certain unpleasant rumbles, one she'd come to associate with Mfená's cooking; one that sent her scurrying to the pit toilet at close intervals.
She got into the tiny zinc cubicle and shut the door. Pushing aside the flat piece of wood that served as a cover for the latrine, she positioned herself with feet spread out and settled down to the job of relieving herself in peace. There was a reason it was called the restroom, it didn't matter what form it took. She closed her eyes, savouring the feel as the waste came running out in watery squirts. That was when she heard the first scream a distance away. She stiffened, eyes wide open and willed herself to swallow the huge lump of panic that lodged itself firmly in her throat. She had heard about the cattle killed earlier during the week and hadn't believed the boys who'd sworn that the custodians of the cattle would come for their pay. A gunshot followed and then there was silence.
Doóse remained still, the silence punctuated only by her quiet but steady breathing. She wondered if she should go get papa. He would know what to do. She hoped. The sound of heavy footsteps filled her compound before she had time to decide. She heard papa's hoarse voice, thick with sleep, asking who it was. Always ready to defend his family, she could picture him struggling to tie his wrapper around his thin waist as he dragged himself outside his hut. Another gunshot sounded and Doóse shut her eyes, trying not to think of what might have happened. Loud screams filled the night air, then followed in quick successions by more gunshots and more screams. She heard her sister, Terember's voice first and then it went silent just as Mama's own rang out clear and then it was silenced too. Doóse clamped her hand over her mouth but couldn't stop the torrents of tears that flowed down her face. Mfena's came last. Then the sound of receeding footsteps and then silence.
  Should she go out now? She wondered. A part of her didn't want to though; didn't want to see her family's lifeless forms sprawled on the brown Benue soil. She found her lips moving, praying that the night would end soon and that morning would find her alive.

I am the girl!!!


Tue 20 Oct 2020

The girl with her world

I am that girl that makes my world fun. Without my words, my world will only be a gun, then slowly I'm shot a thousand times. I sink to it's human standards.

The jealous about being normal, calls me a weird ,cos I carry my world on my words. I'm the sun between the the starlight. Color drops ,different shades of me and if that's all I am, I am proud I'm loud being different. To tell me to love me doesn't mean I will have to make my sister's small to be all big. We've all got the same eyes and ears and mouth but I chose to use mine differently. Painting only shades of love on it. Welcome to my world a different kind of world without an L!!!

The Hunter's Gun


Tue 20 Oct 2020

The palm tree's leaves swayed its hips from left to right at the beautiful melodies Emeka whistled with his mouth. The birds on the tree tops served as his backup. It so reminded him of his newly married beautiful wife's voice. She sang so great like these birds. "Anyway," he shook his head shaking off the thoughts to concentrate on what he had to do.

Hunting was one of his favourite hobbies, especially in the evenings. "Now that I'm married, I could even hunt down a lion with a bullet," Emeka boasted one day. So, he ventured into the forest,stepping daringly on every tree chunk; cutting down every green man who crossed his path; and seeing bravely all the animals in the world to pick his choice.

On the other hand, his newly married wife knowing fully well her husband would be back with good meat that evening, went in search of choice firewood in the forest. She sang along the way amidst the hails of "Nwabeke" that trailed after her. She always let her wrapper hang loosely at the waist revealing the heavily pumped FIFA football that bounced up and down behind her, leaving the young men drooling for more.

Emeka stopped whistling so he could hear clearly the steps of his preys. Stealthily, he cocked his gun and on tiptoes walked the breadth of the forest in search of an animal to kill. The deer he saw and tried shooting ran away cunningly. But,he still targeted it.

A hundred feet away from Emeka, he saw the animal crouched picking at something from the ground. "I can't miss this target," he mused as he cocked his gun to fire. One shot sent the animal sizzling to death.

Hurriedly he slung his gun across his shoulder and got to where the animal lay. There at his feet lay the animal he shot. It was his newly married wife.

TripleE stories


Tue 13 Oct 2020


When you sit at a free table in Uniuyo cafeteria, you will see many things: a group of five guys each occupied with their laptops, with all shades of chargers and extensions; another guy on a yellow T-shirt probably on a black rag jean, devouring a plate of hot Afang-melon soup with eba, like a person who had been deprived of food for weeks; another table occupied by freshers, all girls, who had come to complete a note or two, some gossiping about their course rep while others talking about the GST term paper.

If you are sitting by the entrance, you may also see a stream of lovers going in and out, hands in hands. You will see another couple having a conversation and you will chuckle at the light banter between the two.

Another group of guys will walk past too, at the center of which is a girl with thick box-braids and a crop top she got from a second hand stall at town camp. She will speak extra loud with an aura of power that would immediately have the guys agree with her.

And if it is near noon, you will see another group of girls walk in. You will know that they are Law students in their white and black. They will take a seat adjacent yours while they mutter something about evidence and some other things you don't understand. The tall huge girl among them might be eating a plate of fried rice and the aroma you've known your whole life: fried rice, garnished salad, huge beef, will hit you like it's the first time. Your mouth will water at the thought of this but you will swallow back your saliva. You had just started the 50 days fasting your church had embarked on.

If you are still on that table now, you will see two girls in matching tops and black leggings march to the counter to place their order, channel O earrings dangling from their ears, the size that could fit your neck, their nose up in the air as if they had stepped on a dead rat.

The laughter will begin soon among the laptop gang. The one with the rat face might yell something to the group and the sound of it will float to your ears "Dollar don rise o". An empty feeling will sit on your chest. You know that feeling, it can only be described as envy.

"Leave me alone" someone from across will say too loudly. Heads will turn at neighbouring tables, anxious to know what had happened. You will see a young boy barefoot, in almost tattered clothes, standing beside the girl with six-layered face of foundation, like a bottle of Mary-k had been poured over her face. You will look at her shaking your head. A hundred naira note was all the boy had asked for.

A short guy will sit in the midst of other guys and you will hear them cheering him "Leader.....Leader". If you ask anyone about him, they will tell you he was a one time this and one time that and currently a faculty stakeholder.

"Hey, whats up?” A guy wearing a vintage shirt might say to a stranger at your left, his voice smooth, clear and calculated. He will clear his throat when she doesn't notice him standing at her table side. Her head will fly up in surprise, her glasses almost falling off her face. She will offer him an awkward smile as she pushes her glasses back up. You will know that she is a medical student by the big textbooks in front of her, showcasing the female Anatomy. One thing will lead to another and he is sitting beside her, chattering and laughing about something you don't know. You will want to whisper "oh God when?" but you might be interrupted by a girl on a plain black bogus long skirt with a jacket that has the "I'm a Jesus baby" shoulder pad, her hair tucked back into a scarf.

"Mind if I join you here?" She will sit without waiting for your reply. Your small, beady eyes will follow her closely as you nod mutely. Your eyes will still prey on her large ones, watching her every move with an intense look. Your eyes will not want to leave her skirt, maybe because the skirt is long enough it could be used for a hide and seek. You will bit down on your lip to hold in your laugh. A typical Deeper life girl. If you're not feeling normal, a low chuckle will escape your lips and the deeper life girl will cast you a look.

Still on that table, you will look around and your eyes will meet a guy, head placed between the palm of his hands, his forehead crinkled in confusion. The bags under his eyes will almost compare to black rings as he look like he hadn't slept for days. Another medical student. A grin will spread the width of your face. You didn't come to school to suffer like this. After all you cannot kill yourself.

"Do you have a pen?" The deeper life girl will ask you. "Yes.." Your sentence will trail off when your eyes lock on a girl on black gown. You will first notice her almost perfect symmetrical face, the kind of face that will make you stop and stare if she passed you on the street. Next, you will gaze at her slightly golden-olive toned skin, her dark chocolate coloured eyes which compliments her complexion. You will shoot her your "You're pretty" glare as she approaches and pray she sees it. The deeper life girl will clear her throat directing her gaze at you. Your eyes will flicker between Cinderella and the deeper life girl. The deeper life girl will give you that "see your life" kinda look and you will lower your eyes to your bottle of coke. You don't want her preaching to you.

Between the laughter from the laptop gang and the clink-clank of spoons and the click-clack of shoes on the washed tiled floor and the beep-beep of whatsapp messages, the cafeteria will echo all these sounds between itself and into itself until they become one big hot noise that hums itself into your very bones. When it is two o'clock you will gather you things and head home.

When it is 6 pm, you will open your book, the same book you took to the cafeteria, a hard cover that contains all your courses. You will come face to face with a blue track and a written note beside it. "We hold our fellowship at Old Agric. Jesus loves you" You will read the note twice and at the third time, you will know where it came from. The deeper life girl.

DRIFTED(Duet) - Ay Alfred & Christina.P


Sun 11 Oct 2020


Ay Alfreds' Lines:

When your heat yearned for love,
I took you into my warm arms, caressed and gave you all i had.

You were a better half of me
I loved you not minding the consequences
And I never seeked recompense.

When You were cold i gave you warmth,
I loved you like a mother would do to her child,
I shielded you when you were defenseless.
I helped you overcome your insecurities,

I gave you hope and change your mental reorientation when all your thought processess where marred by negativity.

I believed in you and in all you do but what do
I get in return for all this show of love?
You treated me like trash when you suddenly
gained your footing and all you could do is to break my heart and drift away.
Why? O! Why?

Christina's Lines:

I let you walk away not because i stopped
Loving you.
Yes! I treated you like trash but babe i just wanted you to gain your own footing and stop leaning on just my shoulders for love.

I didn't forget the times you had to starve to see me satisfied.
I didn't break your heart my love
I broke mine trying to make you a better person.

I didn't drift away because i hated you
Or you did something bad but i drifted because
I noticed you needed some air.

I reciprocated your love and affection towards
Me just that you weren't contented and was so demanding.

But i promise you'll get someone more loving than me.




Sat 10 Oct 2020



Sat 10 Oct 2020

A fair shadow passed beside my window. Creak. Creak. Creak. My door cracked a little open. I could hear the sink knob turning slightly and water gushing out. 'Who is that?', I muttered quietly. 'Who is that?', I asked this time around trying to sound audacious. I just hope it's not Bob. He was fond of sneaking home and doing creepy things. But,it was not him. I quickly turned off the sink knob.

On. Off. On. Off. On. Off. The lights in my bedroom begun to fluctuate. 'What is really happening here?', I asked no one in particular. I thought it was the power supply system having some problems. I peered outside through the window towards my neighbours house and still saw his electric bulb producing light bright enough to lighten the whole street. I made a u-turn and what I saw was enough to keep me blind for the rest of my life.

We are are coming for you. I had to read those words for the twelfth time trying to assimilate what all of this was about and at the same time carrying out mental calculations to find out who I had just offended. I sank on my bed in great fear, covering myself with the blanket as if that will shield me from whatever weird things are happening here.

We are coming for you. The words became alive and at the same time put on red clothes with a sharp knife in its hands repeating those same words. 'We. Are. Coming. For. You'. 'We. Are. Coming. For. You'. I ran to my dining hall. Another weird surprise. I saw my favourite food - panini on one of my favourite China wares - the flowered frangipani coated China ware. Beside it was my favourite tea. This was surely a great meal for this time of the day. I immediately begun to hear voices of my Parish Priest: 'you serve me a six-course dinner right in front of my enemies,you revive...' The words faded away. I can't even remember the remaining words of his message that day!

As I was about to munch at the Lord's Table , I was cut short in my thoughts by a reverberated noise in my sitting room. 'I've had enough surprises in one night', I mused to myself. My favourite movie - the Jacksons was playing on the DVD player. 'No,it can't be. Only Bob knew this was my favourite movie. Was he around? Was he trying to pull some stunts on me with all this surprises?' I asked my subconscious again and she winked me a frown. She must be suspecting something too.

I could feel the walls of the room coming down on me. I felt a cold touch accompanied by a light smelly wind rush past my ear. I turned back and saw those words again - 'We. Are. Coming. For. You.' I ran to the front door. The handle wasn't replying to my pulling. It seemed to be locked from outside. I ran through my dining hall to the back door. 'Oh,thank Heavens,it was opened', I ran out.

In my deep panting and rejoicing at my escape, an oncoming vehicle knocked me down on the street. It was Bob. He was driving down to pay me a surprise visit. This was surely his last surprise. It was truly a night of surprises.

My spirit walked away majestically.

Meet The Young Architect, Saad SS Who Made A Model IDP Residence And NGO Secretariat


Fri 18 Sep 2020

According to research, Saad Saleh Saad is a 20 year old Nigerian citizen and an indigen of Bauchi state, Tafawa balewa local government.

The 20 year old teenager finished his primary and secondary school in the city of Jos, Plateau state. Saad is now a second class National Diploma graduate in Architectural Technology from The Federal Polytechnic Bauchi, He graduated in the year 2019.

The 20 year old teenager finished his primary and secondary school in the city of Jos, Plateau state. Saad is now a second class National Diploma graduate in Architectural Technology from The Federal Polytechnic Bauchi, He graduated in the year 2019. picture of Saad and his beautiful models;

View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

This Non-governmental organization (NGO) are some subgroup of organization. It was founded by citizens, which includes associations and clubs that provide services to its personal members.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Morever, The IDP known as An Internally displaced persons are people who are forced to leave or flee his or her home, but within their country's borders. The internally displaced persons are also often to referred to refugees, although they do not fall within the legal definations of a refugee or something else.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

May God bless the Federal republic of Nigeria, Bless the National Institute Of Architects and bless the young Architect Saad SS.



Thu 17 Sep 2020


The sky is all blue like the calm color of the sea.

The sun is friendly today, and has given the noon breeze some time to flaunt her cool attire.

I had cried for weeks but today is Thursday and I can't continue crying.

I am sitting on the wooden seat of the old swing in the compound.

Away from family who were all in the living room, cracking jokes and talking about happenings around the world.

I enjoy watching the birds hop from one tree to the other. I am playing with my thick black braids, the one that mama Iyani made for me.

I am recounting past events and pampering myself.

It is not the footsteps that stopped me from swinging so fast, but the person walking towards me.

Murrello was smiling and swinging his hands like a happy child seeing mama after a long time.

With my buttocks on the wooden seat that was held by flexible chains, which allows me to go back and forth in either gentle or fast strides.

I felt that tight knot in my chest again. It is the boiling hate, that I have tried to discard for months.

Instinct advised that I calm my nerves but the pain in me, roared to life and I didn't know what voice to obey.

He approached me with such confidence like a farmer going to his plot of land, to do some weeding and planting.

I searched with my eyes to see if there's any stone around to break those legs with.

Legs he used to go chasing after other women. He always had himself sailing into several relationships here and there.

Murrello actually irritates me now, and he doesn't even know it.

"My beautiful one, you are as appealing to me as the hot steam from Nigeria's Jollof rice."

He said with a smile. Same smile that once caused my stomach to rumble, making my knees weak. Is the same smile, that is making me fume with anger.

"It is a known fact Murrello, thank you."

He stared at me with those eyes, eyes that made me lose my mind all the time but today, they had no effect on me.

"Smile for me Abiki, I am here to make peace." He begged.

She hissed. Murrello is nothing but a cheap cassanova, a liar and an annoying sweetheart but-

"What do you really want from me Murrello?!"

"Your voice is loud enough to take off a roof, don't be angry with me Abiki, I want charmer back."

Charmer is what they had named the love they shared. Murrello failed to understand that one must concentrate on watering a tree for it to grow.

I had loved Murrello in all ways that I have never loved before. We were really happy together.

The early months of our relationship was bliss.

introduced Abiki as his girlfriend to any and everyone.

Abiki actually felt loved because she didn't know that Murrello also introduced other ladies, as his girlfriends, to other persons who didn't really know her.

He started displaying some 'I don't care attitude' towards her, she had said nothing but reciprocated his actions too.

She was hurting and he had not even noticed because he was busy with other ladies, that will never love him like she does.

It will take him time to realize this but one day, he'll come to understand.

She stared at his face. All that she could find was a man she had never really known, a man she had wanted to love till the end of time.

A man that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, but with tears in her eyes, she finally found her voice.

"I am sorry Murrello but charmer is dead."

©Joy Okwori



Fri 04 Sep 2020


Will the colourful birds of noon cease to flap their wings, will the moon sing her a song tonight?

This, Tiri could not tell, as the gentle breeze that came in through the open window behind her, blew her long black, already dirty hair off her face.

Uncle Dunji had come to visit after a long time yesterday, not like anyone had wanted him to come around anyways.

Now, Tiri wished she had not gone to open the door, when she heard him knock.

It all seemed like a nightmare after that.

He had followed her dad to the kitchen, when he had gone to get a bottle of wine last night, during supper.

After that, this happened, and that followed.

"You look more beautiful than the young shy Tiri that I use to know."

He touched his beards, obviously enjoying the look on her face.

"You are so smart aren't you? Trying to even run away but just take a look at yourself."

He took a step towards her.

"You look so much like her now, and it reminds me of the days I used to have her in my bed.

I wish to grant you the privilege of replacing her, but you are not all that smart anyways." He laughed.

There was no way Tiri's angry voice could be heard.

The force of the gag, held back all the words.

Words that she desperately wanted to spill in his ugly face.

The beast! She thought.

The cut on the bridge of his nose, the one her father had given him before he had fallen hard on the kitchen floor, was still so fresh.

She shook her head, turning this way and that way.

Her hands were held by shiny silver handcuffs that was connected to chains, fastened to the iron bars of her window.

Each move, made her to wriggle in pain.

He touched his lower lip and raised his right brow.

His darling sixteen years old Tiri wants to talk, and he'll let her, even if it's for the last time.

"You will so rot in prison; bastard!" She said at the peak of her voice.

"No Tiri, don't be so rude, you should first of all thank me, for letting you talk, so those words don't give you a heart attack."

He let his tongue trace the shiny metal, and used his fore finger to play with its sharp edge.

"I will slit your throat the next time you fail to wisely select your words, before throwing them at me."

"Let me go, you sick bastard!" Tiri screamed.

He smiled. A smile that was meant to warn Tiri.

"You killed my mother, shot my father on his leg, leaving him to die.

Isn't that enough payment for not getting married to a gem like my already dead mother?"

"I am amazed that you remember so well what I am capable of doing, yet, you still toy around with me."

He shook his head, as he gave her a stinging slap on her left cheek.

"What exactly, do you want from me, why don't you go ahead and slit my throat, or isn't that enough satisfaction for your evil soul?"

Tiri asked staring at him in the eyes.

"I am Dunja, I revenge, I torment, and I will watch you suffer before I finally kill you like I killed your-"

"You will do no such thing to my daughter Dunja!"

Tiri stared in shock at the figure behind Dunja.

"Mother?!" Tiri gasped!

"Dunja, move away from my daughter immediately. I am not Ayo the daughter of Lamisi for nothing!"

"Mother, you are alive! How?"

"Oh my darling child, death can not take me away from you."

Tiri was overwhelmed by joy, and at the same time, struck by the events of the last fourty hours.

The tears trailed down her cheeks.

"The bullet only brushed through my arms, I survived it. I haven't lost much blood."

Ayo explained to her daughter.

Her brown lacy dress, was soiled in blood, her eyes were so red, she looked like a ghost.

Tiri stared at her mother, still looking beautiful, even when she was a total wreck.

It was dark and Dunja had broken her light bulbs three hours ago but she could still make out her mother's face in the darkness.

"Dad?" Tiri could barely see with her swelled eyes.

"Your dad. He's uh-"

"I am right here beside you."

Tiri had not even felt his hands on her skin before now.

The whole room was dark and she was getting numb.

Dayo was working on the handcuffs that held her.

"So I see; love is stronger than the bullets I drove into your bones right?"

Dunja was obviously confused and directed his question at Ayo.

Where had he gone wrong, how had they entered Tiri's room without a single sound to alert him?

His plan was to kill father and daughter, then take Ayo his love along with him.

He did fire his shot, but Ayo had run towards him and had gotten hit, instead of Dayo her husband.

The second shot, had driven a bullet into Dayo's leg, he had bled profusely.

He had left Dayo to die slowly, and not to be up strong and breathing.

The man was limping, but he had the strength of ten soldiers.

He can't face a military man who is now well armed.

He had no more bullets and he was fast losing strength.

His attempts to kill Dayo had failed for the sixth time.

He had poisoned him before, even hired a killer but the man seemed to have something that protects him.

He and Dayo use to be friends from high school, down to the university.

He had planned on marrying his girlfriend Ayo after their youth service, but Dayo had gone behind his back to be introduced to Ayo's family.

Years have come and gone, but his life has not been complete without Ayo.

He got no stable job, his dreams to even be one of the top musicians in Nigeria, had also failed.

"Listen to me Dunji, drop the knife in your hands, don't you move another step closer to my wife!" Dayo ordered him.

Dunji will rather wipe out the whole family, than watch Ayo and Dayo live the life that they had denied him.

He rushed towards Ayo with the knife in hand, when he felt a sharp pain on his forehead.

Ayo had shot him.

"I will always love you." He said, as he fell backwards.

Those were his last words to Ayo before he drifted out of existence.

Dayo held his daughter in a tight embrace.

He cried like a woman, knowing how he had almost lost her about an hour ago.

Ayo moved towards her husband and daughter.

She hugged them both. The last fourty hours was a miracle.

"We breathe." She said to Dayo, who stared at her lovingly.

"You are more of a soldier than I am. You handle the gun as well as you handle the kitchen."

She smiled, even though she was breaking inside, seeing her husband in so much pain.

"I will clean your wounds again, before the cops should get here."

She said to him, holding his face in her hands.

"I love you Ayo."

That was the only way he could say thank you to his wife, for attempting to take a bullet in his place.

She understood him well enough.

"What is love, if I live only because I let you die?"

Tiri moved away to sit down on the tiled floor of her room, an inch away from her parent.

She looked around her room and took a deep breath.

Dunji had earlier planned to take her life here, in her own room.

All thanks to her mother, who had showed up.

How did her parent get into her room in the first place? She wondered.

Then, she remembered the underground door in her bathroom. Goodness!

She touched the swollen places, where Dunji had hit her over and over again.

She went straight to where his body laid and kicked him here and there.

"He's already dead!" Her parent chorused.

"I wish he'll wake up, so I can kill him a second time" Tiri wailed.

"It's okay now, he's not going to harm you anymore."

Her father assured her, and motioned for her to come sit with them.

It was dark already, so they sat down together in Tiri's room, awaiting the arrival of the cops.

™ Joy Okwori.

Short Story: A different help


Mon 17 Aug 2020

A really short story written for that won 100 USD.

Baba’s been bedridden for months.  I never knew that a human could produce such foul smell.

The farming season is here, and mama is weary.

Alhaji Gambo already has twelve wives, but he is the richest suitor so far, and he has always had eyes for me.

Three weeks after the bride price has been paid, after I felt the shriveled slimy thing go inside me, I became another trophy.

One cold night, I felt warm hands fondle my breast skillfully, arousing my deepest need.

“Let’s help ourselves tonight, our turn is still far” it was Khadijat the fifth wife.