Toto Series: Nobody Is Off-Limits (PT 2)

Toto Series - That's your problem

No body is off limit part 2

“Make sure you are tipsy…I will handle the rest….”

We had not spoken in close to two weeks and in the middle of the night, I got his message. I was instantly aroused! Shet! Was he back? When did he expect me to get tipsy? It is 3am.

“Are you back?”

“Not yet. On the 20th. Did you get the apartment?”

“Not yet. I am not sure I can get it before the 20th.”

“I miss you!”

“I miss you too”

“Use this to keep warm till I come.”

it was a video of him jerking off to P. Daddy’s I’m coming home. O Lord save me! The camera was angled to show just the crown of his dick. It was shiny and red. I have never seen anything quite like this! As he pleasured himself he commanded me to feel his release. To clench my pussy walls as he raided me. As his long manicured hands rolled over his dick he asked me to spread wider to feel him deep inside of me. “I WILL FUCK YOUR PUSSY SO HARD!!! ARGHHHHH… YOUR SWEET FAT PUSSY IS DRIPPING WET FOR ME!!! MMMMMMM…… URGHHHHHHH YOUR PUSSY IS MAKING ME…AHH…AHHHHH…AHHHHHHHH!!! FUCKING SWEET PUSSY!!! LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!!! SEE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO ME…

I curled up into the tightest ball and prayed for daylight. There was no way I was going to be able to sleep or even function after watching the video. The way his voice rose and fell to the stroking, the perfect timing of I’m coming home. Even the way the sperm spread around his fingers was poetic. I wanted this man to do all the nasty things he could imagine to me! And I wanted it now.

By 5am, I had watched the video over 20 times. I made sure to take my phone to the shower and played loud music so the girls will not hear me pleasure myself. It was not enough. Nothing but him would be enough. I saw a missed call from Mama as I walked into the office on Friday. It had been three days since I sent her the money and I could not ignore her forever.

“I no go touch this money until you tell me the real source of this money. Where you get this kind money, Joy?!!! Egbughị m nne m ya mere ị gaghị egbu m.”

I knew my mum would flip out as soon as she saw the money. Me sef I be mumu. I for dey send am small small make she no suspect anything. How did I go from sending her 30k or 50k to 1 million? Me sef! But I was excited that I could send her that kind of money. After all she had been through and all she had done for us, she deserves to enjoy.

“Ah! Mama what is all this now? Shey I tell you say na my savings plus bonuses wey I gather send give you? ị zụlitere m ka m bụrụ onye ohi? Oya, since you will not use it, biko send it back. I get use for am”

I hated that I was blackmailing her like this. I knew she needed the money. The state government had not paid in close to six months. Chidera; our last born was recovering from a terrible illness that was like a black hole. No cause of illness, just swallowing money. Mama had gone to all the prayer houses in Asaba plus native doctor join- Chika was the one who told me, Mama would never admit to being that desperate. How could I now tell her it was fuck money? Fuck money from pastor sef?

“Chukwu gozie gi nwa m nwanyi. ihe niile ị na -eme ga -aga nke ọma. Chineke ga -enye gị ezigbo mmadụ na ọtụtụ ụmụ. Chukwu gozie gị.”

“Amen”. It did not matter what it was, but as long as Mama prays, she must include husband and plenty children. Usually, I will argue but today, I was happy she was happy. I was relieved when she told me about Chidera’s illness and how He was not getting worse and that is great news. If not for the illness, he would be going to ss2. Chika had graduated and was helping mama run the shop.

Mama prayed for me some more then she handed the phone to Chika who requested a phone for her birthday. “nke mere na obere ụmụaka ga -akpọ gị abi?” I teased and Mama echoed a “help me tell her ooo” in the background. I made a mental note to actually get her a phone. She had graduated with 7 A’s and was the best graduating student in her class. She deserves a phone.

I had dreaded Friday because I did not know what to expect. Nobody had a clue as to why Tega, my boss summoned me or what had pissed him off. I held on to my mother’s prayers as I went up to his office. His assistant Joan informed me that he was yet to return from his trip and she did not know when he would return. She advised me to relax because “if na something wey you do, him for don address am sharp sharp!.” In the Lagos office, I had witnessed his ruthlessness. He had sacked someone for attending a client pitch without a tie. Na real demon this man.

The next two weeks were a blur! Work was hectic and I still had to make out time to look for an apartment, attend church and act cool so that Jegede and Stephen would not notice anything. Those nosey bitches can sniff gist eh. I hoped that by the time they connected the dots I would be far away from their judging eyes and snide comments.

“I will be arriving Abuja by 9pm. I will send you an address. Don’t forget what I said”

“How can I? I can’t wait”

The girls and I met at Domino’s for pizza and ice cream. Make them chop proceeds from my iniquity. Jegede was also celebrating her promotion. Looks like her kneeling before men finally paid off. As we sat in the cool Abuja evening, laughing and teasing and making fun of other patrons, my mind was on the things Pastor Mike was going to do to me. I kept glancing at my watch as the time ran.  “This one wey you dey look watch since ogini?” Stephen with her mouth full asked. “You no see say rain dey come?” I answered. “Abeg chop quick make we go” “Abeg make she chop am slow because I no sure say she go get another one chop again this year” that was Jegede and we all busted out laughing. Even though I hated to admit it, I would miss them when I moved away. After our meal, I told them I was headed back to the office. This was the perfect cover because they knew how unpredictable my boss is and how random my work hours were. Jegede dropped me off at the office. They still had more celebrating to do. I walked upstairs until they drove away. It was 8:15pm. I went to my station to wait. I figured since I had time I might as well do some work before he called.

I took out my coffee mug from my drawer and my bottle of Amarula from my bag. I bought four mini ones for easy concealing. Irish cream got me horny and gave me extra oomph. Not that I needed any help getting horny.

“Working late nights?”


“No. Not Jesus, me.”

I bolted out of my seat like a spring toy with new springs. I felt for the switch on the wall and was grateful for the sharp intrusion of the fluorescent lights.

“O my God sir you scared me”.

“if you scare easy, Maybe you should have switched on the lights”

“Yes sir. Sorry sir, I did not want to waste electricity. Or draw attention to me, sir.”

What was he doing here by this time? And how did he walk all the way to me at the last cubicle and I did not hear him? This hallway that can make noise. He was looking at me with a scowl on his face. I was wearing a mini wrap dress with flower patterns. I had skipped on underwear and wore sandals seeing that I was ordered to be tipsy. Which was mission accomplished. I glared at him but said nothing. He is wearing a t.shirt, shorts and black leather sandals.

“What are you working on?”

He is looking at me from head to toe like he was studying a storyboard. The scowl is still there yet he looks curious.

“Getting tipsy”

“Okay. And how is that going?”

“Pretty good. If this was a pitch, You would love it”

The words just dey tumble out of my mouth before my brain get time process wetin I dey yarn. Which level be this? Which kain juju be this na? Me wey been time everything to perfection? I been smoke loud by 7pm because e dey take me like two hours before e hit. Then I join am with Irish cream so that by the time Omo Pastor arrives, I go dey very ready for am.

“Care if I join you”

“No sir. I was just rounding up.”

“Are you scared of me?”

well dudh? Who is not scared of the devil? Wetin even make me use this office lie? Shey I for dey house if I know say this girls dey comot.

“I ask because you have been standing since I came here”

“You are also standing. Are you scared of me sir?”

He laughed heartily and drew a seat from the next cubicle and sat. He then gestured to me to sit. I sat and crossed my legs in a bid to cover myself but made it worse. My dress pulled up to almost my waist revealing my yellow thighs. I was always self-conscious of my thighs because of the reactions I got. This is the kind of dress mama would say you can see a woman’s uterus from.  He smelt nice. He smelt of expensive aftershave and freshly ironed clothes.

somehow He did not look so intimidating sitting opposite me in the harsh fluorescent lights.

He was in his mid-forties but could pass for someone in his mid-thirties. There was a boyish charm about the way he smiled and the way his eyes penetrated my soul was unnerving.

“Can I join you now?”

Why was he making small talk? what was he doing in this office by this time wanting to share in my liquor? He took a sip from the mini bottle I handed him and I watched as his Adam apple jumped. Something jumped inside me.

“I want to fuck you”

“You do?”

“I want to fuck you.”

“Are you sure you can handle me?”

“If you promise not to fire me”

“If You can. I will not fire you.”

I do not know if it was the weed or Amarula or the way he smelled or the fact that I was horny day in day out for the past two months or all of it. But I was sitting opposite my boss telling him I wanted to fuck him. He must have plenty of such offers for him to sit there drinking my Amarula as if we were talking about the weather. My phone’s ring tone broke the silence. It was Pastor Mike. He was sorry his flight got cancelled because of the weather. He would be with me tomorrow. He was back in his hotel and wanted us to have phone sex because he missed me so much.

“If you were here, what would you do to me? I asked loud enough to get Tega”s attention. he looked at me eyebrow arched and a devilish grin spread across his face.

“I am wearing a mini wrap dress” I removed another mini bottle and handed it to him while I opened the last one for myself.

“I do not have anything under. Should I take it off?”

He sounded huskier than normal. Was he also high? Was he also as horny as I was? he had suggested a video call because he wanted to see me but I explained that I was in the office and the lights were off so we should stick to audio and Tega switched off the lights. Damn!

“No, not yet. How tipsy am I? I repeated everything he said while Tega performed the actions on me.

“You want to start from my toes? Mmmmmmm, drop tiny kisses up to my thighs?” But I did not want slow. I was too strung out for slow kisses and tender lovemaking. I wanted to be fucked ruthlessly like the way Nigeria fucks its citizens. I told pastor Mike just as much. Phone sex would not cut it tonight. He understood because he felt the same way. “Just Be ready for me” was his final remark before he ended the call.

“Let’s go to my office, the desk is higher.” It was an order, not a request.

I picked up my bag and put the bottles and my mug inside and followed him in the dark. I made for the stairs but he ordered me to the elevator. Staff were not allowed to use the elevator. It was only used when he was around which was seldom. We did not speak in the elevator and the journey up made me feel nauseous or was it my growing fear? What had I gotten myself into? This man that is mad and unpredictable? This man that could throw me out in a blink and life would continue? And now it was too late to go back. What was it he said, If I can handle him I won’t lose my job? How I sure say even after I fuck am dey way im want him no go still fire me? Wetin go happen if im like am? Which kain juju be this na?

It was 9:15 pm when the elevator doors opened. I do not know why I checked the time. If only Pastor Mike’s flight had not been cancelled I would be on my way to his place. I should have just waited till I reached his place before smoking that weed. Shege loud.

We entered the office and he ordered me to stand by his table. It was dark and I had never been inside his office before but something in his voice propelled me forward. “It is on the left to the wall” And you could not say until I hit my toe? I limped on using my hands as a brace. The cold from the tiles mingled with the uncertainty of what would happen next sent shivers through my body. I found the desk. Actually, my toe found the desk. The ooooouucchhhhh was barely out of my mouth when he shoved a glass filled with liquid and a commanding drink it followed. I took a sip. It was hot drink. Strong but properly distilled. Must be expensive whiskey.

“Drink all.”

I obeyed. As the liquid burned its way down my throat, he bent me over his desk and thrust in. I choked and began to cough violently. he shoved a water bottle in my hands and ordered me to drink up. How does he move so swiftly and silently? I searched to see if his legs were touching the ground. My head felt light and the weed had kicked in. I was grateful for the cold water. My feet were still bare on the tiles but I could not feel the chill anymore. I could not see him but I felt him watching me. A light came on from a side lamp by the chair facing the desk. He was sitting there with his glass of dark liquid.

“take off your dress”.

I untied the wrap and let it fall at my feet. His face was in the shadows so I could not see him or his reaction. I crossed myself with my hands. The cold was like a lover’s hand covering me all over. I shivered.

“Spread your legs”

I obeyed and spread them. The voice of pastor Mike echoed in my head. “You belong to me”. and the way he fucked me played in my mind. Tonight was his fault. He was the reason I was here. Get tipsy I will take care of the rest. Where are you now pastor Mike?

“Touch yourself”

Tega’s voice sounded distant. Like those old Chinese movies where a Sensei or ghost of a loved one is visiting. I felt like smoke floating in the dark. It felt like I had split into two and I was watching myself through a grey veil. The same colour as the grey in Pastor Mike’s office. I watched as the me by the desk cupped my breasts with both hands. My palms felt warm against my cold skin. My nipples were already hard from the cold and now they felt good to touch. I watched my veiled twin squeeze them and I felt the growing warmth course through my floating body. The room was also warming up and I became bolder with each stroke.

“I want to see your face. I want to watch you watch me.”

He stood up and walked towards me. My breathing became erratic as he got closer. There was something about him that was both scary and unbelievably sexy. The way he moved like a wild cheetah. His movement as if ready to ponce yet so casual. His shorts gathered around his crutch stretched by his very visible erection. God, why am I not his shorts right now? He carried the glass from earlier and disappeared. How is he able to function so well in the dark? I know it is his office but still? And so silently. A demonic cheetah. He reappeared with the glass half full this time around and I gulped it down.  He sat with the drink in his right hand and his dick in his left. I resumed my movement but this time was fuelled by my own desire for release. I was in the tape with Pastor Mike. I was spread wide like he wanted me to be. My fat wet pussy swollen with desire was there for his taking. I put my fingers in. One. Two. Three… it was not enough. I wanted to reach the place deep inside me where he had touched and possessed me. I leaned against the table to give me more access. Tega stroked in sync with me. I watched as his face twisted in pleasure. His lower lip was slack as he increased his tempo. I pushed myself up till I was on my tiptoes then I spread wider so that he had a better view of my pussy. I slowed down. I spread my vagina open using my fingers so that he could see my juiced hole. He froze dick in hand staring at me. There was something animalistic that was unleashed in me. It was almost like I was possessed. “Are you sure you can handle me?” I spat his words back in his face. Daring him to do his worst.





One minute he was frozen on the chair dick in hand and the next moment he was flipping me over and ramming into me. He held my hips in place and impaled me. “YES! FUCK ME HARD!!! TEAR ME UP!! TEAR THIS PUSSY!! FUCK ME!!!” he kept ramming into me while I nudged him on. He was slapping my ass so hard but all I felt was wild pleasure. His dick was not as big as Pastor Mike’s and it did not quite reach where Pastor Mike’s own reached but it was better than my fingers and served well…

His fingers dug into my flesh and pressed me lower forcing me to arch dangerously as he rammed deeper. “YES!!! FUCK ME DEEPER” I screamed. He released my hips and forced both my hands to my back. With one large hand, he held both of mine folded up and his other hand circled around my neck and squeezed.

I welcomed the numbness.

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Toto Series: Undiluted Worship Pt. 2

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Undiluted worship shitoto series konji

I was still spread out for his viewing pleasure when a thought crossed my mind. We had talked before about the things we would like to do when we eventually meet. Of course at that time I didn't think our meeting was ever going to happen so I painted quite the picture of an explorer, to match him. Even though he was miles a way and there was no chance of us meeting, what he thought of me somehow mattered to me. I closed my legs, did my best pirouette and walked to the door. His eyes followed me. First with surprise and as what I was about to do dawned on him, a sly smile crossed his face.

Here we were in their family compound in Ikeja Lagos state. His great grand mother on his father's side, a princess and last surviving matriarch at 93 had died. It was celebration of life and every member of the family was mandated to come and pay their last respects. There was more celebration than mourning but it was still death that brought everyone together.

I flew in from Kano the night he arrived Nigeria. He came to the airport to carry me himself. When I approached where he was he looked me over as if to to confirm if the pictures we had shared over time was indeed mine. He was also checking to make sure I had complied with his directives. Wear a black Burqa with nothing underneath. "When I see you, I want your nipples straining through the fabric. " I had protested that because of the heavy nature of the garment there is no way my nipples would show even if they were granite. He consented and said I should wear a gold laced black kaftan instead before cutting the call. That shit is transparent ! How can I walk about the airport like that, and in Kano no less ??? You see these Americanas eh ! It's like as soon as the leave the shores of this country and their innit and yo'mehn enters they forget what happens back home. I had watched all three parts of fifty shades of grey so I didn't argue before he would use me to learn work.

I decided to fly the 6:30 PM flight and hoped that it would be dark in Lagos. My prayers were answered. The flight didn't depart Kano until 8 PM and on arrival I quickly went to the bathroom and changed used a shawl to wrap myself until I walked to where he was. So when he looked me over I could see satisfaction. In the car, he ordered me to spread my legs which I did. He brought out a small satchel, like the type men use to keep clippers and all. Inside he brought out a bullet looking thing. It was purple and felt cold to the touch. He placed it on my clitoris and it began to vibrate. He moved it up and down... Up and down.... Up and down. I swallowed hard and closed my eyes. "open your eyes. We are in traffic, act normal." I looked at him in wonder. "do you care what people think or what ? " " I don't give a rats ass what they think, this is about me and you. If you make any sound, or close your eyes I'll stop, and you will pay for denying me my pleasure. And trust me, you don't want to make me mad. " I swallowed again. The words were said casually but I'd be a fool if I didn't believe every single word he spoke. I was tempted to tell him to stop there and then but I truly didn't want to get him mad. So I nodded and gestured for him to continue. The slight buzzing began and stimulation followed. I licked my lips and forced my eyes to stay open. I looked out at the other commuters, their faces partly obscured in the growing darkness. I tried to focus on the noise. Lagos go-slow is famous for the drama that always seems to happen. Yet somehow I didn't hear the blasting of horns and the expletives that always followed in Yoruba or pidgin. I didn't even feel the car's movements as his driver tried to maneuver through the chaos. He stopped and put back the gadget into his satchel and smiled at me. we are going to have so much fun you and me he beamed. We rode the rest of the journey in silence me in a puddle of my own making. That was yesterday night.

I walked over to his satchel and opened it. There were things I couldn't even describe inside, so I picked the one I was more familiar with. I have watched too many movies where handcuffs were used and since he is a fan of bondage I figured I could excite him enough to give me an orgasm. He was right behind me. Took the handcuffs and kissed my fingers. His eyes where ablaze. He led me to the closet and handcuffed my hands to one of the high cabinet handles. The feel of cold steel stole some of the warmth from my heart. He gently spread my legs, caressing my thighs, soothing me like a cat about to be put down. His satchel produced ropes he used to tie my legs each to a lower drawer on either side. I was spread wide and he stared in satisfaction.

Then he knelt under me.

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Toto Series: Vibes and Insha Allah

by, published 2 years, 6 months ago


"Why won't you look into me when we fuck?"

I was buckling my shoes when I heard him from the bed. I heard the slight shake in his voice. He was trying to pass this off as casual talk after a very thoroughly satisfying session but I knew better. I wanted to tell him the truth. He was just a random dick I enjoyed now and then, nothing more.

Instead, I climbed into the bed, still wet from our latest session and kissed him deep in the mouth. I teased the insides of his mouth, while giving him soft bites on his full, soft-like-marshmallows lips. He sighed as if in resignation, and matched me tease for tease. I came up for air. Kunle, knew the assignment. When it came to my body's needs, he understood the assignment.

"You make it so. How can I control myself when you get me fucked up. Literally!"

His lips parted in a full smile and I mirrored his. No need hurting his feelings. I needed him to be happy. A happy dick is a more than capable dick. I made a mental note to send him extra money as my driver drove me out of his premises.

Kunle and I met at a Christmas food drive. I had sponsored the drive for 70 widows. On the 20th of December, I got a call from my assistant that some of the volunteers were a no show. That was how I drove to the venue in my jeans and Tees to lend a hand.

He looked at me and I guess he tried to asses my level of importance and judged I was just another volunteer in the ranks. I played along while he tried to school me on the art of volunteering. "you see this gig? Don't stress too much. Just show up and smile. You already have your looks and body working in your favor. After the whole event make an endearing post on social media. This one has been paid for by an annoynmous person which means you can take credit. You sha have to do it codedly, that way you don't get into trouble.

He was a pro. He made sure everybody was coordinated. He took pictures, gave lectures, cracked jokes, pep talks, the whole works. By the time we arrived the point of departure, I was worn out, but fond of him. He collected my number and promised to call. I didn't think much of it, but was happy when he did call.

I was going through a messy divorce that had me flying to and fro the US and Nigeria. His calls always served as salve to my frayed nerves. I knew I was a mark but I didn't care. I allowed myself to feel wanted again. To feel young and desirable.

After a truly nerve wrecking week, I called him. His number was switch off. I couldn't get a hold of him. I asked my assistant to find him and when she couldn't, I fired her. I entered my car by 11 pm and drove round town. I went to all his hangout spots - the ones he had told me about. He wasn't there either. It was like he had vanished. I finally summed up courage to drive to his place. He didn't know I had gotten someone to find out information about him. Since I was sure I was a mark, I needed to know who I was dealing with. Looking back at that faithful night as I headed for my 4pm appointment at the state secretariat building, it was sheer madness. Madness I tell you. I was behind the wheel looking like Cruella Davil with my hair disheveled and smudged makeup. I arrived his home and was grateful there was still lights on inside. I was at the door knocking. It was like I was being propelled beyond my will. Like a lightly puppet strung to a mad puppeteer. He opened the door and the look on his face should have sent me back into my car, to my house, into the earth and stay there. But the puppeteer wasn't quite finished with me. In a rush of words, tumbling over each other I told him to fuck me untill I lost my mind. "I don't think you need me for that. The loosing your mind part. Margaret, what are you doing here?" He looked up and down the street, I guess trying to make sense of what was going on. "Kunle, I need you to do all the things you said you would do to me when you catch me. And I need you to do it to me now." He led me into his apartment but the look of biwildment mixed with panic stuck on his rough face.

Even in the madness of the moment, I noticed the fresh breakouts and wondered what could have caused the violent redness scattered accros his face. Kunle at 26 had a smooth face like that of a teen pre puberty. I asked him for something hot and he got me coffee.

"Margaret, what is going on?"

I dropped the mug on the carpet and walked over to where he sat opposite me. I tried to remember how to be sexy. It felt like many lifetimes ago I was this way. Iman, my soon to be ex husband had been more than generous with his criticism of my body. I unzipped the bubu I was wearing and let it fall to the ground. "Kunle, I said I'm here to get fucked till I lose my mind."

That was four months ago.

The 4pm appointment would drag on till 10 pm. I had sent the driver home by 8pm together with the car. I hated to overstretch my workers and Fabian, my driver who had stuck with me even after his Oga, my now ex husband had left - had a 6 week old baby at home and needed to be with his wife.

By 10: 16 pm I stepped out of No 7 Tonga drive, adjacent to the state secretariat building, to a chill night. I adjusted my coat to ward off the cold and began walking down the streets. It was a beautiful night and I opted to walk instead of the offers to drop me off. Kunle said he was 12 minutes out. I figured that by the time I'd reached the intersection, by the overhead bridge, he'd be there. My heels as the hit the newly laid asphalt echoed in the quiet, causing a certain lull as I walked on.

"Kin kawo mana mai"

I spun at the voice so close behind me. It was dark, so I couldn't make out the face, but I saw four forms. I nodded to an inaudible greeting and continued walking down. I've experienced fear and intimidation most of my adult life. Growing up in a place like Jenta Adamu prepares you for the scum of the earth. I've faced intimidation in South Africa and the US. In business, in relationships, in life. I've always been a fighter.

"Na che kin kawo mana mai "? This voice belonged to a different speaker. His voice sounded hoarse and had a bite to it, unlike the first one. They had kept up the pace with me. I closed my eyes as the unwanted bubble rose to my throat. Fear. Living in Jenta felt so otherworldly, like a distant dream. A terribly bad dream. I kept walking, willing Kunle to appear. The cynical side of me still purred, hands akinbo to question "What are you expecting Kunle to do? He's only good for fuck. How is he going to help you now?"

"Ke" his hand touched my shoulder and I took off. I began to run but it was futile. In my new Guiseppe Zanotti sandals, it was difficult to run. And I couldn't fling them because of the buckles. One of the boys tackled me to the ground. He was over me, punching the back of my head, hard. The rest surrounded me. The one who tackled me, called Ahmed, used my newly installed wig to pull me back towards where I was coming from. The pain seared through me, as my face burned, and my hair ripped. Ahmed, taunted and cursed me in Hausa while the others laughed on.

"shegiya kowai. Kin fi ni gudu ko ? Ina kudi'n da su mazan chan sun baki da an gama chin ki?" "Za ki chi Ubanki, shegiya har kin sani gudu." He kept at it. Cursing me while pulling me down the road. Eventually, the wig ripped off and they all laughed as if on queue. He commanded me to stand. I couldn't. So I lay still. That earned me a kick in the ribs. I was incapable of wailing anymore. My tears, mingled with blood and sand flowed down my torn face. He commanded I stand again while one of them busied himself removing my jewelry, shoes, and other valuables. I braced myself for the assault I was sure was coming. It didn't come. I heard a thud, like a heavy sack falling, then footsteps receding. I didn't dare raise my head. I couldn't even if I wanted to. So I lay there expecting the worst.

"Margerate". It was Kunle. Relief washed over me and I suddenly found my voice. He lifted me like a rag doll, over his shoulder, in the dark and took me to his car. He dropped me gingerly in the back seat and made to close the door. I didn't mean to, but my fingers dug into him as I reached out to him. "don't leave me here" I managed to say through my sobbing. I was badly shaking. He needed to get the rest of my items he said. "Please don't go" I said over and over again untill he entered the car with me. He made a cryptic call then put the car into gear.

He took me to a private clinic inside Dong, away from scrutiny. I was examined, cleaned and stitched up. I had lost some blood and he was given a list of drugs and food items to place me on immidiately. No questions asked, no answers offered. On our way back, he stopped at around wild life park and turned off the engine. I'd been given a cocktail of drugs that had began to kick in, but somehow I could hear his phone conversation. There was a sentence that stuck. It was as loud as if he shouted it into my brain. "Leave that one, na me go kill am". I fought the blackness. What did he mean by that? Kunle... How ? Who do you want to kill Kunle?

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