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THE FENCE Grandma's verandah. Softly, a sweet sound dancing through the walls of the poor, old and, mostly quiet house; falling down to the fierce sword of age, wheezed past my somewhat large ears. This symphony breezed with a mighty surge of adrenalin giving life to the forlorn look of the ancient castle. Swiftly, I climbed the wall, feeding my insatiable appetite of curiosity, stealing glances at the being from whose vocal cords wheezed that much serenity. Though we were neighbors, I didn't see much of her. The old wall carried me softly on its back, holding me firm, I feared the moment this little date would have to come to an end. As she tendered the fire, the smoke danced majestically through the tiny nostrils of the kitchen carrying with it her song an offering to the heavens. Her eyes shone and with each passing moment, it glowed from the hollow in her face, her nose pointed to the heavens and, yes her lips- the type that makes you thank God for making you a huMAN being. With Her eyes, she rode me to the heavens, my orgasms sweet sounding melodies, erecting a castle of memories spacious to accommodate more of her. We rode on our smiles, our first date; her glowing teeth shining along our path. I lost my smile and found my voice and whispered into the walls of her compound, "good morning". She turned to feast upon my gaze one last time, had her fill and returned to tending for her fiery furnace, sitting comfortably on three smooth black stones. Perturbed, I spoke again this time louder with a glint of uncertainty. She turned once more and shot me a warning look and paid more attention to her fire, Stoking it fiercely. Although I could see her, Christianity barred my compound while Islam guarded her heart. For the brick wall separated us, our religions caged our hearts. We are metaphors of extremism, heirs of mental flaws. I eased myself off the smooth back of our FENCE and rode myself on the wheels of pain for our religions were at war.

DRIFTED(Duet) - Ay Alfred & Christina.P

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Ay Alfreds' Lines:

When your heat yearned for love,
I took you into my warm arms, caressed and gave you all i had.

You were a better half of me
I loved you not minding the consequences
And I never seeked recompense.

When You were cold i gave you warmth,
I loved you like a mother would do to her child,
I shielded you when you were defenseless.
I helped you overcome your insecurities,

I gave you hope and change your mental reorientation when all your thought processess where marred by negativity.

I believed in you and in all you do but what do
I get in return for all this show of love?
You treated me like trash when you suddenly
gained your footing and all you could do is to break my heart and drift away.
Why? O! Why?

Christina's Lines:

I let you walk away not because i stopped
Loving you.
Yes! I treated you like trash but babe i just wanted you to gain your own footing and stop leaning on just my shoulders for love.

I didn't forget the times you had to starve to see me satisfied.
I didn't break your heart my love
I broke mine trying to make you a better person.

I didn't drift away because i hated you
Or you did something bad but i drifted because
I noticed you needed some air.

I reciprocated your love and affection towards
Me just that you weren't contented and was so demanding.

But i promise you'll get someone more loving than me.