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by Joy Okwori, published 2 months, 1 week ago


I am in-between. Where the waters do not marry the sky, where the earth feels the warmth of the sun. This is me, a black girl with sunshine in her eyes, fire in her bones, smiles that lights up her world and hope that fills her heart like perfume.

I am in-between the beginning and the end, the master's piece of creativity. I have been blown by the wind too many times than I can count, but my feet are rooted on a solid ground of faith. My eyes have a depth in which resides stories that are true, stories that I have lived.

I am in-between light and darkness but I am drawn to light because it looks like my eyes, it looks like my future, it looks like what I should be. Light is drawn to me like I am to it. It is this bond between I and light that keeps darkness at bay.

I am in-between, a perfect place to be myself. I attract goodness because I am not just a black girl, but a magnet. A force that pulls her desires with the strong cords of her mind. I dance because I am aware that just like the sun, I am a blessing to my world.

In-between, where the sun shines brightly, where we dance, where we laugh, where mourning does not choke joy, where impossibilities do not scare possibilities, is where I belong.


by Joy Okwori, published 2 months, 1 week ago


I remember when my hands felt warm in yours; how you stared into my eyes and smiled. Our hearts had formed a friendship tie; a friendship whose child was love.

A moment spent in your absence, was a boring walk under the sun. I was soon the image in your eyes, the thoughts in your mind or the taste on your lips.

Then we argued like angry strangers. You were pissed, I was heartbroken. We struggled between curt replies and raising our voices at each other.

The arguments became part of our daily routine, ignoring eachother was bliss. Amidst constant harsh words and inconsiderate actions, was a struggle to like each other.

It's true, the wall between my lover and I, was not built in a day.