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"I do not like the small talks that is spreading like wildfire in the neighborhood. Am I the first to get pregnant for a man out of wedlock? I did right by keeping this pregnancy, but those who go for abortions weekly, are now the leaders of this criticism, and I do not like it!"

"You worry too much Ana, let them say whatever they want to say. It was a mistake, but we are all not doing the right things in this world. Even Ochanya won't close her big mouth, is she not the sex doll for all the rich men in town? 'Twah,' I don't like that girl at all!" Ene said at the top of her voice.

"Don't worry, all of these will be over soon. This doesn't equal the end of my life. Yesterday is gone, today is here, and my sun is rising." Ana said in an attempt to console herself.

"I admire you so much Ana, you are full of hope and some rare strength for someone your age. So why haven't you told anyone who it is that got you pregnant?" Ene inquired. Ana laughed, Ene stared at her in absolute confusion.

"The one responsible for this pregnancy, is someone whose reputation I do not wish to tarnish. I can't even tell my mother! She is not happy that I have brought her hopes down, and dragged it in the gutters. Mother hopes that my life will be different from her's but look at me!" Ana used the back of her left hand to wipe the tears that stubbornly dropped from her eyes.

Ene was moved, and rubbed her friend's back, as if that will solve the problem. "You can't keep all of these a secret, there's so much that you are not saying, and aside being your friend, I am your confidant. You can talk to me! You are due to deliver this baby, and it is not wise that you keep quiet anymore."

Ana stared at Ene for a long time as if deciding if she should tell her secret or not. "The baby in my womb is for the senator's son." The tears started to drop even more this time, Ene was stunned at her friend's confession.

"There are so many senators, which one are you talking about?"

"The one who lives at Greenfield avenue." Ana bit her lip and tried to stop herself from crying, but she couldn't.

"Wait, wait, is it not the one whose son is about getting married? He has just a son, so?"

"He is responsible for my pregnancy. His wedding is next month, and I don't know what to do. The last time I tried to reach him, he demanded that I get rid of whatever it is that I currently have in my womb!" Ana broke down completely this time, Ene froze in her chair.


"Ana, Ana, Ana, wake up. It is morning, and the sun is rising already!"

Ana stood up from the bed with a start, it was Inayo her mother's younger sister who had come to wake her up. They had planned on going to the market together, but she woke up dizzy with this funny feeling in her stomach. She ran to the toilet to throw up.

"Ana, you have been acting really strange these days, are you pregnant?" Aunt Inayo jokingly called after her niece, who had so many thoughts that were rubbing shoulders in her mind.

™Joy Okwori.