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Move on

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To the past you aren't proud of,

roll the memories in a ball.

Toss it up and down in your hand.

Throw it in the fire, watch it burn.

Inhale freedom, smile and walk away. Cheers to the future ahead.


Love For Death

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Love For Death

For my love for death

I want to live.

For the passion i have

For the grim reaper

I want to strive,

To exist and not survive.

For my chemistry with death.

I want to exercise my endurance,

I want to face circumstances

And face no zero errors.

I want to fight the largest giant,

The fiercest warrior.

For the love of death.

I want to run in the jungle of life.

I want to dive through the oceans of pestilence,

I'd love to hike the hills of greatness.

Though the road of success is filled with granades,

Still for my love for death I will thread that path

Because of my love for death,

I don't want to face death like a looser

Or fidget before the grim reaper.

Death is a warrior,

And so am I.

So, I'd like to wrestle with death,

To die as a legend

For that is a legacy for me.

And through my demise

Death could also win a star

For taking the world's best.

I don't want to follow Azrael

On a free trip.

But, I would want him to carry me

Like a throphy he won,

Not just like a log.

For my love for death

I don't want to be weak

And make him take me cheaply.

But I will wrestle with him

Till my last breath he took,

For his glory to rise in mine

And the news be spread

Beyond the heavens and earth,

That he took a man called god

On a special voyage to neverland.

What an offer I give death

For my love for him.

©Sam Petros

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